Sunday, January 07, 2018

Sunday January 7, 2018

It has been a while since my last entry.
And in that time, my cock has not been happier in years.
Blow jobs almost every day, and recently, I have introduced masturbation into our relationship.
Lucky for me, that Z loves to both suck, and play with my cock.
So far, Z has only managed to masturbate me to ejaculation only once.
Every other time since then, she has stroke my cock to near ejaculation, then sucks me off the rest of the way.
She loves the taste of my cum, says it is so sweet and tasty, the best tasting cum she has ever had in her mouth and swallowed.
So, in the mean time, I will not be masturbating, even if I really miss playing with myself.
There will be opportunities in the near future where I will be away and out of town for a week or so, and it will give me a chance to have some alone time to sit and catch up a bit on masturbating.
Because I do not have any bras and panties to wear while away, it will be a little boring.
If I had a chance today, these would be some of the images that would grace the screen while masturbating.
There is something about these type of pictures, where the ladies pose in all views, and the ones sitting, I love then way their pussies look.
Gets me all excited.

I love the thigh gap

A nice full figure woman

A nice full figure woman, with a nice full set of tits, and a nice ass.
Love the way she spreads her legs and the view sitting in the chair.

Nice wide open legs, giving a nice crotch view.

Nice ass, an I love the crotch view

Nice tits, an a sweet ass

Legs spread nice and wide

Narrow thigh gp, and wide spread legs, giving us a nice view.

Nice thigh gap, wide spread legs, and a great view

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Thursday October 19, 2017

It has been a little while since my last entry.
Since the last entry, I have had my cock sucked countless times, and enjoyed every blow job.
To date, I have now started to tech my new lover,(whom I will call Z),  how to stroke my cock and give me a most intense ejaculation and orgasm.
It happened a few days ago, when we were out of town, and staying in a hotel overnight.
After an enjoyable dinner out, we retired to our hotel room, where Z decided to take a bath, and enjoy a short soak in the bathtub.
She called me in to the bathroom to get her shampoo, and when I seen her all naked in the bath, it got me all excited.
She told me to get naked, and hop into the big tub with her.
I only need to be asked once to get naked.
In a flash, I was standing in front of the bath with a hard cock staring at Z, and Z was ogling and drooling at the sight of my hard cock, bouncing ever so slightly with every beat of my heart.
Z loves a nice cock, and immediately pulled me toward the tub, and wrapped her mouth around my throbbing cock.
She sucked my cock for a few minutes, teasing me and then stopping.
Z asked me to step into the tub, where she could get right close an suck my cock easier.
She stopped  couple of times to talk to me, and when she did, she wrapped her hand around my cock and began to stroke it, or at least try to stroke it.
Next she took the bar of soap, lathered up her hands, and then began to stroke my cock again using the soap as a lubricant.
It felt so damn good. Z has some pretty rough hands from working, and the rough hands give me the most intense pleasure as she stroked my soapy cock.
I told her that I love a hand job every now and then, (but in reality, I love  hand job whenever I can get one), and that her hand felt really good sliding up and down my cock.
She did not stop, and I began to moan with pleasure.
When I asked her if she would mind getting me off by hand, (and I hate to deprive her of a nice hot load of cum for her to swallow), she agreed.
As she stroked me, I gave her instructions on how hard to squeeze, how fast to stroke, and how to wrap her hand around my cock to give me the most pleasure.
Z took my instructions very well, but kept wandering off on the grip and stroking pace, and kept stroking my cock shaft, rather than the glans portion of my cock.
But when she got it right, it didn't take long for her to get me over the edge, and I ejaculated all over her big tits.
Damn, that rough hand of hers really gives an intense orgasm.
When my cock began to ejaculate, Z kept on stroking me, and the intensity was too much for me, and I had to grab her hand and stop her.
Z loved having me ejaculate all over her tits.
When I asked her if she would like to always suck my cock, or occasionally masturbate me, she said she would love to stroke me off again sometime.
So, for the next while, I will enjoy having my cock sucked every day, an wait for Z to give me my next hand job.
Can hardly wait.
Today, when I was masturbating, here are few pictures that I was looking at and hope you get as much masturbation pleasure out of them that I did.

Damn, that looks so beautiful.

Very inviting, and the face is nice too.

Landing strip

Lunch time

Bent over clam

I just love the look off a clean shaved pussy, all bulging out like this.

Butterfly lips

Looking up, looking way up

Another gaping wide pair of pussy lips

Just a little part in her pussy lips

Another nice butterfly

A hairy box lunch

Spreading her clean shaved lips

Another hairy pussy

Swollen and gorges pussy lips

A fiery red haired bush

Another bent over clam

Love the nice gap between her legs

Laying and waiting for a face to be buried in her hairy pussy

2 clam pussies to enjoy at one time

Nice close up of this pussy

Beautiful young fiery red head

I can almost smell her mustiness

Nothing more sexy, than a woman sitting and exposing her pussy for all to see

Such a beautiful sight to see, saggy tits, and a spread pussy

Bent over butterfly lips

Another hairy pussy

Another sweet redhead sitting and showing her smooth pussy

As always, I hope that you enjoyed the pictures and masturbated to ejaculation like I did while surfing for naked women showing their pussies.
For maximum viewing, click on any image to super size and get maximum pleasure